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In 1970, the city of Ocean Shores was incorporated with approximately 900 permanent residents. Two years later a determined group of residents established a Public Library.

Remember the proverbial question, ‘Which came first the chicken or the egg?’ It could be amended to ask, “Which came first the Friends of the Library or the Ocean Shores Library?’ The answer is the Friends.

A group of people who knew each other and shared an interest in books [friends] decided this new town needed a library. They contributed books themselves and asked others to do the same. They requested several public libraries to contribute their discards. They asked for donations from anyone they could contact. And thus, slowly a collection of books became a library.

Our library has continued to grow and in 2019 we expanded the library floor and the meeting room. The Friends of the Library avidly and proudly worked with the OS Library Foundation to make this a beautiful reality.

In October of 2012 the Ocean Shores Friends of the Library celebrated their 40th Anniversary. We hope that soon there will be another celebration, for an expanded library to service our ever-growing community.



Malinda Griffin - President
Pam Clark - Vice President
VACANCY - Secretary
Diane Durbin - Treasurer
Sharon Coone - Member-at-large
Kathy Baker - Member-at-large
Judy Gow - Member-at-large


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